How It Works

Why GoCheetah?

No creature on earth can be as focused, powerful and swift than a Cheetah on its hunt. We give the same edge to your transportation needs excellent for intra-state delivery. With the IT empowered and automated services GoCheetah team uses the latest technology to meet its customer's needs.

The team at GoCheetah specializes in providing superior logistics services with its focus on on-time delivery. The backend team supervises the route selection and guides the driver to choose the best transit path to cut through metro's chaotic and unpredictable traffic. GoCheetah assures safe delivery of goods. Key salient features are:

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  • Reduce cost
  • Real time location tracking
  • Trained logistics and support staff
  • Option to choose vehicles at ease

GoCheetah Advantages

GoCheetah delivers unmatchable services and set the standards high for the logistics industry owing to multiple advantages:

  1. ✔ Transparent pricing, easy payment and easier refunds
  2. ✔ Web, App and API based simple to use interfaces
  3. ✔ Seamlessly caters to small and bulk orders
  4. ✔ Customized MIS as per business needs

  1. ✔ Synchronize demand and supply
  2. ✔ Urgent and responsive network
  3. ✔ Efficient driver settlement
  4. ✔ Dynamic job assignment


GoCheetah is the new age solution to all kinds of logistics needs for today's businesses whether it is offering logistic solution to e-tailers, retailers, manufacturers, traders, stockists etc. It caters from relocation to construction supplies, delivery of perishable supplies to event management supplies, IT Hardware supplies to textile supplies, consumer durables to industrial supplies for its various customers. GoCheetah helps your business take the big leap of profit through our web based platform, mobile App and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Cheetah on Demand

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GoCheetah caters to On-Demand delivery needs of a variety of clients who vouch for its easy to use LEAP (Leverage, Execute, Accelerate and Profitize) App based interface. On-Demand model suits the individual and business need to book any Light & Medium Commercial Vehicle (L&MCV) as and when needed for intra-state deliveries. If you require immediate delivery services, we at GoCheetah ensure that you get best & instant delivery solution.

You can always rely on GoCheetah On-Demand delivery services to attain a competitive edge and to focus extensively on your core business. Gocheetah excels at taking care of everyday delivery needs of its diverse clientele.

Cheetah Business

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GoCheetah is the ultimate logistics solutions for business owners looking for uninterrupted logistics services for pre-scheduled deliveries.

Over the years the logistic team at GoCheetah has studied different transit routes in and around Delhi & NCR. The insight thus acquired helps its team so that you are benefitted by our scalable services that act as an engine for your business giving you maximum returns.

Simply download the LEAP (Leverage, Execute, Accelerate and Profitize) App here and start availing Logistics Solutions for Business


GoCheetah offers a platform for the logistics service providers and seekers from Delhi & NCR region to start with. The company aims to emulate the success plan across India in a phased manner.

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